Race Etiquette


Registration for the event is per person, not per dog, so if your spouse or other family member wants to walk with you, registration is necessary.

You don’t have to walk a dog in order to participate in the event. We welcome all animal lovers! You might consider walking in honor of your cat by pinning a photo of your cat to your shirt.

Walkers, strollers and slower paced runners please start at the back of the pack.

If your dog has never been involved in running a 5k with you before, please use this as a learning experience. Please start in the back portion of the pack of runners and off to the side.

All registered dogs will receive a poopy bag. Please carry it with you during the race, and if your pup needs to stop to “use the facilities,” please use the bag and dispose of it in a trash receptacle or leave it on the side of the race course in the grass, far enough out of the way but visible from the road if possible. Volunteers will come by after the race to pick up and dispose of all bags.

Please use a regular leash. If you only have a retractable leash, please lock it at 4-6′ for the duration of the race.

All dogs must wear ID tags, be current on rabies vaccinations, be at least six months of age and females may not be in heat.  Please be kind to your four-legged companion and maintain an appropriate pace.

Two water stations on the course as well as water at the end of the race will be provided to participants and their dogs.  If you or your dog require additional water, please be sure to bring some with you.

Please put your race number on your person and not on your dog.

Please keep your dog in control at all times and no fighters or biters.

These guidelines are in place to maximize happy runners, happy neighbors, and a long future of canine participation in  the Barks and Belts 5K.